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Skincare Products In Your Kitchen

Why spend tens of thousands of naira on plenty skincare products when you can get amazing results with nature’s cosmetics?
Some of us have learnt to make do with what is found on our kitchen counters. Your kitchen might just be packed with plenty products you use daily that are packed with skincare properties.

Here are some five items to look out for

1, Tomatoes and fresh milk- Blend fresh tomatoes with warm fresh milk and lather on your face. Let it set then wash off with warm water.

2, Tea bag- For acne…Yup! I saw it on ‘The Doctors’, I -Thank God- have no acne so I can’t say if it works but you just have to try. Dip lipton in hot water and once wet, open up and place the leaves on the acne for minutes before washing off.

3- Henna- Many ladies use Henna as scrub for fresher face and it actually works. But it works better if used thrice a week instead of daily. 

4- Tumeric – An all round antidote. Turmeric is the main ingredient for curry. If you have tumeric you can use it with some warm water and then scrub after letting it set for some minutes.

5- Sugar and egg- Melt sugar with a little lime and add water till it becomes caramel like then mix with egg after it has cooled down. Lather on face and wash off after 15 minutes.

6- Hulba/ fenugreek- Mix hulba with warm water and let it set for some minutes to rise. It will rise and become slimy. Spread it on the face till it drys then scrub the face


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