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Nigeria at 59: The Journey So Far.

Nigeria is like that old phone you’ve been using for five years. Most times, you are tired of it because it hitches and hooks and has such a short battery span it is practically on life support, but you just can’t seem to make yourself get rid of it. And even though you may get a new sleeker phone, you still hold on to the old one, because it is no matter what, the first thing you’ve called yours.

The reason why Nigeria is still deeply rooted in our hearts is it’s people, a wonderful set of colourful and diverse people with varying dreams, different cultures and an awesome sense of humour. That is why as much as we feel the country shake beneath our feet, we still find a way to make humour out of the quake, inspire hope within ourselves, push each other to make the best of what rubble may be unearthed in order to make our home work.

Over the years, Nigeria has witnessed many different tumultuous events that have both shaken the core of the nation, and strengthened the resolve of the nationals. It is a true wonder that a country that is wallowing in pools of corruption, weighed down by insecurity, having bouts of economic depression and facing many fiscal crises is still standing.

The citizens are getting more creative as they are exploring the fields of fashion, poetry, art, music and they are not only making great impact in all these fields, they are moulding it to conform with the Africa in them.

Nigerians have also embraced and accepted entrepreneurship and they are now more open towards women empowerment and opportunities for women. It is safe to say that no matter what has happened or what is happening, Nigeria is waxing stronger.

One a giant, always a giant. The whole of Africa still looks up to this great nation in times of need and for representation. And why not? Since Nigeria is nothing short of a pool of talent and an ocean of opportunities to make things better for yourself as an individual and for the society in general.

Therefore, at 59, Nigeria is a work in progress. But aren’t we all?


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