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Keeping up with Nigerian Fashion: 2019 Fashion Trends

So 2019 is wrapping up which means the grand month of weddings, December, is almost here and you should be abreast with all the latest fashion trends so that you can slay your way all through the new year.
2019 has been a very stylish and colourful year. It saw the metamorphosis of fashion from matte to glow, from safe to daring and from laid back to all-out colourful.
Here are some 2019 trends that made fashion a mouthwatering phenomenon:

Bold– Bold colours, bold prints and really bold and unapologetic designs are the highlights of 2019.
We see popping and flowery colours such as yellow, gold and mustard. Daring colours such as red and some unconventional colours like wine and onion. Whatever your style is, 2019 was anything but conventional.
So if you are styling for December, remember that gold is in vogue; including crazy and innovative gold accessories.

Caps and Turbans- Stylish and trendy caps and turbans are in vogue. We see many new designs every day and they always manage to be better than the last.
The best thing about caps and turbans is that you get to rock them with almost any outfit.

Dress– 2019 is definitely the year of dresses. People prefer to throw on a simple gown then go all out. What’s more, gowns come in different styles and shapes, they are fit for every event and they require fewer accessories and less effort.

Ankara– Ankara print gowns are definitely classy, but 2019 made sure to top it up with Ankara bags, shoes and accessories. Therefore you can step out all Ankara and look your classiest.

– This year is not one to stress out the comfort in us. Many opted for loose-fitting clothing too tight ones. So were tight-fitting clothes rocked last years fashion placards, loose-fitting clothes are breezing their way through 2019, and very comfortably so.

So how many 2019 fashion trends did you key in to?

Watch this space for 2020 fashion predictions.


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