Frequently asked questions

Why is my product still in pending status?

Ariga will publish the products listed on the platform by the partner within 2 working days provided that the requirements are met. If the requirements of a product are not met, Ariga will reach out to the partner and provide assistance in the form of guidance through Whatsapp messages or emails.

What if I need to change my shipping I am stuck when trying to add my product. What do I do?

We suggest you check out the partner guideline for step by step instructions first. If you need further assistance, ping us on our dedicated partner Whatsapp channel.

How do I set the sizes of my product?

We have provided the detailed steps on adding the product size here. You can choose between; Size which uses standard XS-XXL, UK Size, Abaya Size or EU Size.

How do I become an Ariga Partner?

Request to create an account here or email us at people@ariga.ng for any questions you may have on it

I forgot my password. What do I do?

You should be able to request for a password reset here. If you still do not get a reset password link, email us at people@ariga.ng

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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