About Us

Ariga as a platform; partners with local designers to bring their brands forward, allowing consumers greater power of choice in attaining the right outfit that fits their personality and style.
We aim to promote chic fashion and revolutionize the fashion industry in Nigeria. We choose inspiring designers that we believe not only understand the current trends but also have a vision of how to shape the modest fashion industry in Nigeria.


Why should you shop on Ariga?


Product information

We aim to ensure that you are able to make a well-informed decision by providing a detailed description of the product and high-quality imagery.
To read the full description of a product, simply check out the description tab under the picture of the product when you click to view a product.


We believe that customer reviews have thus far been underrated. Typically, when you buy something, that’s the end of it. For example, an abaya you bought may not have fitted you well or you simply did not like it. It then ends up at the back of your closet. You might not be alone on that opinion; another woman out there may have had a similar experience.
When you buy a product on Ariga, write a review! What you liked, what you didn’t like. Every month we will choose a lucky reviewer and will give away store credit for your next purchase!

Quality Control

We maintain a strict quality control over the products we sell so you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth.
We do this by vetting all our designers before bringing them to the platform. We also periodically inspect the designers and their products to ensure you continually get the best quality products.
Still not happy with your shopping experience? Tell us why by emailing us at people@ariga.ng