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2020 Fashion Predictions

2020 is a month away- you may want to put on your fashion hats because it’s about to be a really sunny and bright year.

Fashionistas have stopped shying away from bright colours because… well, orange is the new black! Therefore, we predict a buzz of bright colours and not only that, we predict a mix of different bright colours on a dress! Think glass prism reflecting light.

Geometric Designs are going to be more accepted come 2020. So picture a dress made of pink, yellow, grey and mint green with each colour cut in a triangular or trapezium shape and stitched together to make one garment… it’s going to be crazy.

We’ll see sharp curves instead of contours, we’ll see edges instead of curves, we’ll see a daring sassiness instead of meek coolness because 2020 is going to be Feline!

Loose Fitting garments will be the highlight of the year. Comfort will be sought by everyone, therefore, fashion will take a new meaning- comfort first. That means boubou, loose gowns, maxi skirts, jumpsuits and pallazo pants are going to be in demand.

Long dresses, blouses and skirts will be in demand. There will be a comeback of capes because – why not? Let’s all be superheroes. More innovative and classy shoes will be in vogue. Shoes are more than just clothing accessories, they are for expression and the more expressive, the better.

To wrap it up, we anticipate a very colourful and comfortable year to come. Trends will be more assertive and ‘the confident woman’ will reign. We hope you will not be left behind rather, you will set the trend.


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